Fall Maples and Birch, watercolour, 2008

I was commissioned to paint the September view from a cottage on Papineau Lake. This painting is one I did later wanting to capture the pattern and contrast of the white birch trunks combined with all those bright red and orange maple leaves. Once again, the still water is darker at the bottom and lightening towards the far shore.

Every year is different and September 2016 was definitely the year of the mushroom.  They were abundant in many varieties all through the woods.  We are too nervous to try eating any though if you can safely identify the edible ones, they are delicious.  My dad used to cook up wild mushrooms and eat them first and if he survived an hour or so, we could help ourselves. But that was in the days when babies didn't require car seats. Anyways, even my dad would not have eaten the aminata muscaria mushrooms on the text page that have yellow tops with white warts and very pale grey stems.

Available as a 12"x9" print, $40. Please contact Ketha for details.