Golden Horizon, watercolour & acrylic, 2008


This is the view from our house that has so frequently been included in my art over the years. And, as in so many parts of Canada, it is quite spectacular in the fall. The foreground trees are many different yellows and gold, the treetops are red, orange, yellow, burnt sienna, light green and dark green. As the hills recede the colours get darker to the horizon which meets a light blue sky that darkens towards the top of the picture.

Wild turkeys like the one on the text page have made a comeback in recent years. It still takes some getting used to coming across a group of these enormous birds strolling across the road or lawn. They are light and dark brown with cream tips on their tail feathers. The males like this one have light blue heads and red necks.

Available as a 15"x15" limited edition giclee print on watercolour paper, $75. Please contact Ketha for details.