Brush Turns Gold I & II, watercolour & acrylic, 2008


At a certain point in October, the young birch and poplar trees that grow up like weeds at the edge of the fields have a moment of glory. Their leaves turn bright yellow and flash like gold coins in the sunlight. In these paintings I used light yellow, medium yellow, yellow ochre and burnt sienna with a few leaves accented with gold paint. If you have a gold coloured pencil you could put it to good use. I used purple for the background colour to really make the foreground leaves and grey tree trunks pop.

The remarkable milkweed also does something interesting this month when the pale green pods split open to expel the seeds attached to very light yellow fluff.

Available in a 3"x22" limited edition giclee print on watercolour paper, $75. Please contact Ketha for details.