Chickadees, watercolour, 2007

Winter in the country is such a beautiful season but it can also seem oppressively silent and still. Feeding the birds helps to break this sense of isolation and brings life to our yard. And what more lively and cheerful little bird is there than the chickadee? They are easily habituated and trusting, even eating off of the hand with little effort. I have painted them many times over the years. They are black-capped with grey on the wing and a little lovely brownish peach coloured area on the chest.

There is lots of white in nature. To colour white areas with my coloured pencils, I will often do a very light coat of blue, grey or yellow, and then go over  it again with the white pressing hard to make it blend.

Version available as a 12.25"x3.5" print, $30. Please contact Ketha for details.