Title Page

Title Page

Shadows and Snowshoes, watercolour, 2008

Old-style wood and rawhide laced snowshoes are still my favourite. I love the rich rust colour of their suede bindings and variety of browns and tans. We use them to walk the winter trails and they prove especially useful at the beginning of maple syrup season when the snow is still deep. A version of this drawing was originally intended to be a full January page but got bumped to the title page because of space constraints. The picture looks great where it is but there was no room for the beautiful poem "Snow" by William Wilfred Campbell. So here it is:

Down out of heaven,
And wind driven,
     Flake upon flake,
     Over forest and lake,
Cometh the snow.

Available as a 12"x9" print, $40. Please contact Ketha for details.