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Canadian Backwoods Colouring Book

Updated: Dec 13 17
 Created: Dec 20 16

Thank you for visiting The Canadian Backwoods Colouring Book feature. Here you will find colouring tips and comments about what inspired the drawings.  

A lot of the drawings are based on watercolour paintings I have done over the last 18 years.  They are shown here to provide a general idea about how the scenes can be coloured.  There are also some drawings that I coloured in with pencil crayons.  Someone pointed out that she could never shade like that. Don't worry!! Every area can be just as attractively filled in with solid colour.  And, by all means, break free from convention and use your imagination if you want - get psychedelic!  Because, of course, the whole point is to HAVE FUN!

The Canadian Backwoods Colouring Book is published by Doubleday Canada and available at,, or wherever books are sold. In the Bancroft area find it at Ashlie's Books and the Art Gallery in Bancroft, Bayberry Design in Barry's Bay and the Old Hastings Gallery in Ormsby. Many thanks to Victoria at Bayberry Design for her technical help!

I would love to see your results so please feel free to email them to me. Follow me and my colouring posts on Facebook at Ketha Newman Artist